Cost-Efficient Air Treatment Options for Your Ventilation System

Reduce levels of indoor air contaminants using the air treatment product lines of Air Technology Consultants LLC in Arizona. Our air ventilation system add-ons are designed to enhance the air flow inside your homes. We carry Renew Aire™, Gelair™, Biological Controls and UV lights.

ReNew Aire

Renew Aire is an energy recovery ventilation system that utilizes a process called an air-to-air plate exchanger. This product exhausts stale air out of the facility or house and brings new air in. This process enables the system to transfer both heat and water vapor, thereby reducing germs, bacteria, and contaminated air in your home.

Renew Air energy recovery ventilation system

Common indoor air contaminants reduced with Renew Air

  1. Humidity. Exhaled breath, water sources (faucets, showers, leaks, floods).
  2. Carbon Dioxide. Constituent of exhaled breath.
  3. Formaldehyde. Off-gassed from adhesives, fabric treatments, stains and varnishes.
  4. Odors. Bathrooms, kitchens, dry-erase markers, occupant odors (perfume, soap/shampoo residue, clothing detergent, general odors), pets.
  5. Tobacco Smoke. Smoking areas close to building entrance.
  6. Phthalates. Off-gassed from adhesives, vinyl flooring, wood finishes, plastic plumbing pipes, other building materials.
  7. VOC's, Toxic Gases and Vapors. Off-gassed from furniture, carpets, paints, cleaners, solvents, glues, building materials.
  8. Ozone. Off-gassed from photocopiers, electrostatic air cleaners, other office equipment.
  • Rooftop mounted water evapor system

    UV Lights

    Exterminate mold, bacteria, and other microbes existing in your air conditioning systems with our help. We install ultraviolet lights from UV Resources on your AC system's cooling coils to clean it completely. Having UV lights in your system prevents mold and bacteria from growing and eventually blowing into the occupied space. Any germs recirculating in the house are filtered back into the system and disinfected by the UV lights.

    Air Treatment

    Gelair™ is an air treatment system that distributes Australian-grown tea tree oil. This is a patented system that uses a specially formulated gel matrix placed in the air flow. It releases specific concentrations of top-quality Australian tea tree oil vapor throughout your air filtration system. Tea tree oil is a 100% natural essential oil that serves as an anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent.

    Biological Controls

    Biological Controls manufactures the MICROCON Series of mobile hospital air purification systems and health care air purification systems (healthcare) with HEPA air filtration. MICROCON is the only patented system for removal of airborne contaminants. Only the MICRCON Series offers the CIRCUMFLOW 360-degree airflow pattern, which dramatically reduces hazardous airborne particulate levels, maintaining virtual zero levels within the breathing zone.

    Custom Filtration

    Let professionals evaluate your air filtration system. It is essential for us to determine if we can upgrade your facility or house to higher efficiency air filtration systems. When upgrades are possible, we install a hospital-grade type of filtration depending on what we find. Installing this helps prevent unhealthy, minuscule particles caused by people or pets from floating around the occupied space.