Indoor Air Quality Testing, Services and Products for Commercial and Residential buildings in Arizona

Air Technology Consultants LLC is dedicated to the improvement of all human space environments regarding the quality of the air supplied by air conditioning systems. Air carries contamination from the humans themselves and mechanical systems that for best health of all occupants must be clean, free of harmful substances and germs. Introducing the correct mixture of outside air is top priority for delusion of bacteria, molds, microorganisms, chemicals and other gases. In addition, mechanical means can be applied to clean and purify the air for the safety and health of all occupants. We are a proud member of National Air Filtration Association™ (NAFA) and American Society for Heating and Refrigeration Engineers™ (ASHRAE).

  • Indoor air quality inspection

    Indoor air quality inspection

    Assessing the indoor air quality of your facility or home is the first step in eliminating harmful airborne particles. Air Technology Consultants LLC provides meticulous air quality home inspections for your household's benefit.

  • Air quality treatment equipment

    Air treatment equipment

    Regulate clean air flow inside your house with a new ventilation system. Our crew helps you set up the necessary air treatment equipment for your air quality system to enhance and safeguard your facility or home environment.

  • Indoor air quality consultation

    Free consultation

    Consult with one of our air quality professionals to find out what we can do for your indoor air quality. Offer is valid for first time service.