Thorough Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Improve your indoor air quality with the help of Air Technology Consultants LLC. Our company provides comprehensive IAQ inspections for business owners and residents in Arizona.

  • Inspections

    Eliminate asthma-causing agents in the occupied spaces. Our team will visit your location to conduct an overall evaluation of your air conditioning and duct system. From there, we make a conclusion if installing our equipment is necessary. Bringing outside air into the facility or residence reduces the chances of contamination, making it a healthier environment.

    How We Work

    The inspections involve determining how many supply and return air registers in the occupied spaces and defining the tonnage and age of the AC system. We do this step to get an idea of the CFM and how the air is flowing in the house. We then assess your specific issues to devise a suitable plan and find the right equipment for you.

    Air Quality Testing

    Get your facility or residence tested for air quality to detect if there are pathogens in the air. We bring in specific equipment to take air samples that are later evaluated in a laboratory. This is a scientific process that is only done when required.